Facilities - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the swimming pool available for private use?
A: The swimming pool can be booked for 1 hour private sessions, multiple sessions can be booked but consideration has to be given to all the guests staying.

Q: What are the swimming pool opening times?
A: The pool can be booked for use between the hours of 10am till 10pm.

Q: Are there changing facilities near the pool?
A: The pool is located in the same building as the apartments; additional facilities are also available near the pool.

Q: Can we smoke in the centre?
A: The centre has a strict no-smoking policy in the building and grounds; there is a smoking area in the front.

Q: Can we vaporise in the centre?
A: Vaporizing comes under the no-smoking policy.

Q: Are there any additional costs?
A: No, all costs associated with your accommodation are included in the price.

Q: Are the facilities suitable for wheelchair users?
A: No sorry, the building has stairs that make it unsuitable for wheelchairs.

Q Is there WiFi access?
A: Yes there is WiFi throughout the building, also computers in the IT area that are connected to the internet.

Q: Is food provided in the centre?
A: No food or drinks are provided by the Centre, this is a self catering facility and we are not licensed to sell food or drink. There are a number of local restaurants and pubs.

Q: Can anyone use the Gym?
A: Standard Gym rules apply; children must be accompanied at all times and must not use heavy equipment. Anyone using the Gym must be physically able to use the equipment..

Q: Can anyone use the Sauna?
A: Young children and anyone with a medical condition that has not been cleared by their doctor cannot use the Sauna for their own safety.

Q: Can anyone play with the musical instruments?
A: We actively encourage everyone who wants to play the musical instruments should have a go; we do however request children are helped as the instruments can be heavy for little children.
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